Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds, also known as 'Day and Night' blinds, can combine translucent or screen fabrics with a blockout fabric in front. By alternating between the blockout blind for privacy and darkness, to the translucent or screen fabric for filtered light natural light or a clear view outside you can achieve the best of both worlds.

To order Dual Roller Blinds, simply go to the Blockout, Translucent or Sunscreen options and add the Dual Brackets option for each blind for pricing.

Please note that for dual rollers you will have a chain control on the LEFT of one blind, and the RIGHT side of the other blind. Please choose the control side of each blind in the ordering options.

Your top blind in the bracket will have a 'forward roll' (this is typically the blockout blind), with the bottom blind having a standard (normal) roll which rolls the fabric up at the back of the tube. 

Our dual roller bracket is a slimline figure 8 style bracket, which will fit into the same window reveal space as a regular roller blind bracket.

Dual Roller Blinds are available in the following colours/materials:

Width (mm)  ( to mm)
Drop (mm)  ( to mm)

Click the "Add to Basket" or "Order Sample" links underneath each sample colour.

Sorry, there are no available colours/fabrics for your specified width and drop.