Truth About UV Rays: Sunscreen Roller Blinds to Prevent Indoor Sunburn

There’s a reason why you’re always advised to wear sunscreen on the beach: the sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your skin. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the sun is the main reason why. In high quantities or after prolonged exposure, UV rays can cause certain types of skin cancer, as well as the typical sunny day scourge: sunburn.

Once you come home after a day out at the beach, it’s now time to ditch the sunscreen since you’re already adequately protected indoors—or are you? If you think that your average glass windows can shield you from harmful UV rays, you’re completely mistaken.

As it turns out, UV rays can in fact go through glass, making sun protection as necessary indoors as it is outdoors. This was proved in a report in Clinical Interventions in Aging, when an experiment showed that several subjects exhibited more signs of sun damage in their faces (wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin) even though they worked indoors. It was also found that the sides of the subjects’ faces which were often situated closer to the window were the most damaged.

A lot of people believe that ordinary window glass is completely resistant to UV rays, but this assumption is only half-true. Oftentimes, window glass blocks UVB rays (a more intense type of UV rays) but not UVA rays, which are the less intense yet more prevalent ones. UVA rays are so plentiful that they account for up to 95 percent of the UV radiation reaching the Earth.

Different types of glass allow varying amounts of UV rays to pass. For instance, clear, untinted glass allows 75 percent through, while tinted and reflective glass allows 25-50 percent but absorbs more of the UVA rays it comes into contact with. In other words, UV protection offered by glass panes vary greatly across multiple platforms, which means homeowners and building managers alike have to find additional ways to deflect UV rays.

This is where sunscreen custom blinds from online sellers such as the Blinds Shop Online come in. Such blinds are specifically designed for triple-duty: keep out the heat, maintain acceptable levels of light, and provide privacy. Made of a special open weave sunscreen fabric, these special anti-UV blinds can be electrically or manually pulled down over a window if needed.

Quality sunscreen roller blinds create a barrier, which the sun’s rays cannot fully penetrate, while still allowing visible light to enter a room. The effectiveness of these blinds vary depending on the type of fabric and material used, but they generally block up to 90 percent of UV rays or more. Such qualities make them indispensable to any home’s defence against indoor UV exposure.

(Source: Can Your Skin Burn Or Tan Through Glass? Fact Vs. Myth,, May 23, 2012)