Protect Against UV-Induced Aging with Things Like Panel Glide Blinds

What does the sun do to the skin when the latter is overexposed to its rays? Tan it? Burn it? Darken it? The answer to all of those is a yes, and they could bring several dermatological issues to the surface. Some people may think that living a pretty reclusive lifestyle (i.e. rarely venturing outside to stay out of the sun’s reach) can offer top-notch protection from sun-induced skin damage. Sadly, staying out of the sun’s reach by spending most of your time inside your home doesn’t really protect you the way you might think.

Effect of UV Rays on Skin

In truth, you are not entirely safe from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays even if you’re indoors. When temperatures drop and the sunlight may seem less intense, you might think UV rays have died down: they didn’t. The amount of UV radiation remains very strong all throughout, even during cooler weather. Moreover, if you think all UV could do to your skin is get you sunburnt, you’re mistaken: it can actually make you look older.

UV rays primarily target the fibres in your skin called elastin, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The now less-elastic skin is unable to snap back into position after being stretched, and gravity amps up to the sagging by pulling it downwards. Repeated exposure can also cause “classic” signs of skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and tough, leathery skin which feels dry.

Fight UV Rays with Quality Blinds

Seeking shade from the sun will be your first line of defence; and you have to do it indoors as well. Keep in mind that UV rays can still pass through typical window glass. To negate that, you can get started by ordering new blinds online from Australia dealers like Blinds Shop Online.

If you’re looking to cover a pretty sizeable area, one good choice would be sturdy panel glide blinds. Mainly ideal for installation on sliding doors, these blinds are a modern take on conventional vertical ones and offer a streamlined look while keeping UV rays out. In addition, they come in aesthetically pleasing designs that you could seamlessly integrate in your home’s existing design motif.

Other Sun Protection Tips

When spending time outdoors, you have to put on protective clothing and use sunscreen. Your clothes should be comfortable and cover almost the entirety of your body, from your arms to your legs. A broad-brimmed hat and wrap-around sunglasses would also help shade your neck and eyes respectively. As for the sunscreen, you should apply one with a sun protection factor (SPF) level of 30 and above every 2 hours.

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