Panel Blinds From Online Stores: Cool Down Without Touching the AC

Summer may have come and gone, but did the heat wave raise your HVAC bill? If it did, you’re not alone. A good heat wave can significantly crank up heating and cooling costs, leaving families with tighter budgets looking for alternatives to stay cool. You can also add the fact that more people are now into the “green” movement wherein energy-guzzling appliances like air conditioners aren’t exactly popular.

If you’re not keen on racking those HVAC bills up again, rejoice: there are various ways to cool your home down without even touching that thermostat. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Maximise Your Windows – While this tip may seem counterintuitive, opening the windows when it’s a swelter tends to make your home warmer. You could open them wide instead at night when the air outside is cooler. Up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows, and only by utilising window treatments like shades and blinds can you beat the heat. If you don’t have the latter you can always buy blinds online from stores like the Blinds Shop Online to equip your windows accordingly.

Cut Down Humidity – Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapour in the air. If there’s too much, the area feels steamy. You can reduce the amount of humidity by taking steps like minimising mid-day washing and drying of clothes, showering and cooking. If you can’t avoid doing them, make sure to turn on ventilating fans to circulate the warm, moist air and carry it outside—but be sure to turn them off after use or they’ll be throwing out cooler air, too.

Get Help From Mother Nature – It’s no secret that we feel a lot cooler and refreshed when we’re around a bunch of trees and plants— after all, these greenhouse coolers are effective shields against the heat. Be sure to choose flora which are native to your area to ensure that they’ll have a much better chance for survival. If you’re planting a few indoors, make sure to place them strategically.

Turn The Lights Off – You might be a bit better off if you have modern lighting like compact fluorescents and LEDs, but if you have older incandescent light bulbs, shutting them off will cool your home even more. The same thing goes for a lot of electronics—consider unplugging any that isn’t being used. Remember that even when in standard mode, numerous electronic devices still radiate heat.

See? With a few handy tricks and solutions like sturdy panel blinds from online shops, you can cool your home down even without touching the AC. Keep them in mind and you’ll be on your way to lower energy bills.

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