On Buying Blinds Online and Tapping into Your Inner Interior Designer

Australians have an unwavering fascination with home renovations. Still, not everyone has the time for big remodelling projects. Fortunately, a change of window coverings can be enough to add beauty to a home and give it a fresh look. What’s even better is if homeowners buy customised blinds to ensure a perfect fit.

Of course, before manufacturers can make any window covering according to a specific size or length, homeowners will first have to provide them with accurate window measurements. One good tip for homeowners is to use a steel measuring tape to within 1/8 inch for getting the windows’ width and height.

If homeowners are unsure whether they were able to get the right measurements or not, however, they can ask professional assistance from manufacturers like Blinds Shop Online. Getting the right measurements, however, is only the first step. Before homeowners can buy blinds online and place orders online, they have to know which style, colour, and pattern they prefer. Here is a guide for choosing blinds according to a home’s interior design:

Is the home’s interior design modern or traditional?

Blinds come in a variety of modern and traditional styles, and it’s a matter of matching styles. For instance, if they have a Victorian-style living room, dining room, or bedroom, traditional blinds like Venetian or Roman will work. If these rooms lean more toward a contemporary style, modern blinds like vertical blinds are the perfect option. These blinds stack off to the side and are more of a commercial statement. Meanwhile, simple panel blinds will suit a minimalist style.

What is the colour scheme?

What is the dominant colour for the accents and furnishings in the living room or sunroom? The blinds’ colour choice is highly dependent on this dominant colour. This doesn’t mean that the blinds should be an exact match to the wallpaper or furniture colour, but rather, just in the same colour palette. Doing so will ensure harmony in the room.

Meanwhile, if there’s a lack of colour in the existing decor, window dressings can serve as that much-needed pop of colour.

What is the intended purpose?

Customised blinds are also available in a wide range of patterns. Knowing the room’s purpose will make the selection process easy. For instance, blinds with polka dot patterns will work well for kitchens, while blinds with floral patterns can suit living rooms.

Homeowners can make the most out of made-to-measure blinds if they choose them in the right style, colour, and pattern. It’s time to let out the interior designer in you and design away.

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