Buy Panel Blinds Online in Australia: Getting Some Shade in Style

If you’re living in a continent with mostly dry and tropical weather like Australia, you can’t afford to leave your windows bare. Not only will you expose your furniture to harmful UV rays, your room temperatures will also skyrocket, causing your energy consumption to go up. That could be a problem if you have large windows and doors. What you need is something that would do the job of providing shade without taking away from the room’s aesthetics. Enter the very stylish and functional panel blinds or panel glides. You can get these blinds online in Australia for some much needed shade.

Ease of Use and Function

One thing that makes panel blinds very popular is that they are very easy to use. If you’re familiar with vertical blinds, then you could probably work these stylish panel glides as they basically function the same way. The only difference is that panel blinds gracefully glide their way to rescue you from the sun’s rays when you need them. The panels of these blinds are attached to the head rail, which manages the sliding operation. You can either set them to slide left, right, or part in the middle.

They’re called panel blinds for a reason. They are made of fabric panels that stack neatly on top of each other. Open, they let in more than enough sunlight as a great light source for rooms. Closed, they offer UV protection, filtered light and the privacy, perfect to use in bedrooms or backyard porches. A wand lets you control the way the panels operate but you can also set the blinds to an automated operation to close or open on schedule.

Style and Design

With their simple yet elegant design, panel glides look great in modern homes with a minimalistic theme. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and designs which allows for a custom design in any room you put it in. There are blockout fabrics that provide maximum protection from UV rays, woven fabric which lets in just enough light, sunscreen blinds with a 5 percent openness factor, and translucent blinds which allow filtered light in. There are also patterned, natural, textured, and plain glide blinds for you to choose from. Basically, you can have endless options for style and fabric.

With these many options, there is something for everyone and every room. Buy online from trusted manufacturers like Blinds Shop Online and see the difference panel glides make.

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