Buy Blinds Online: Protect Your Furniture, Furnishings from UV Rays

Australia has its seasons, but one thing is certain: it’s almost always sunny in the Land Down Under. And while the Beatles have sung praises of the sun in the past (cue Here Comes The Sun), its light isn’t always welcoming for everything, especially for your furniture.

The need to control sunlight is an old issue in home building and design. Home builders have made it a point that they follow a design that heavily favours the free flow of natural light in the interiors of homes, especially during the pre-electric lighting days. On the other hand, homeowners today are quite aware of the need to protect objects and furnishings from the sun’s rays.

Fading is the most common outcome when objects are exposed to UV rays. The composition of sunlight is 40 percent UV rays, 25 percent visible light and solar heat, and 10 percent of other components. Thus, UV rays deliver the most significant damage to skin and objects alike. To protect against their damaging effects, here are a few options.

Blinds – Manufactured blinds are common household protective measures against UV rays. These window treatments were designed specifically to limit (if not entirely block) the transfer of ultraviolet rays. Their effectiveness in protecting furniture is highly dependent on the degree of blockage they offer. You can buy blinds online through shops like Blinds Shop Online, or choose to visit a local dealer.

Film – Applying film on your window panes is also a viable option. There’s a wide variety of window films that provide different levels of UV protection. For instance, solar window films help reduce glare and fading, as well as lower cooling costs in the summer. Several types of solar film offer up to 99% UV protection, while also slashing summer cooling bills by up to 30 percent.

Blockout and Blackout lining – If you’ve been in the market for window coverings in the past, then there’s a good chance that you’ve caught wind of the term “blackout lining.” Several window coverings on the market are lined with this kind of special fabric, specifically designed to protect against damaging UV rays. The lining can be added separately to the drapery and other window treatments to help prohibit light from warming the interior rooms.

It is one thing to buy classic furniture for your home, and quite another to maintain or protect them from the elements. For one, you could invest in window treatments like beautiful panel blinds from online stores, or from your local dealer.

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