Panel Glide Blinds: Effective Penny-Pinching on your Electricity Bills

Queensland's electricity providers are charging four times as much as those in Victoria, even twice as much as providers in the entire U.K, as per a report commissioned by UnitingCare Australia.

The report, produced by Melbourne-based energy economics consultancy firm Carbon and Energy Markets, stated that network charges accounted for more or less half of the average consumer's energy bill in all National Energy Market areas except Victoria. Ergon Energy in Queensland has the highest network charge at around 20 cents per kWh.

Network charges account for the distribution of electricity to a company's service area. The cost is based on the revenue requirements network companies submit to the Australian Energy Regulator, usually every five years, for the maintenance of their respective area's electricity grid. The majority of Queensland's transmission network lies along the coast.

In other words, if it costs $260 to operate a window-type air conditioner throughout the summer, it costs $130 to deliver enough power to run it. By comparison, the cost to produce the energy needed is only a little over $50. To date, network charges remain the costliest expense putting low-income households in great distress.

Cutting energy costs require households to reduce their use of the air conditioner and other high-consumption appliances. However, with Australia receiving sunshine for most of the year, it's difficult to resist the temptation of firing up the cooling machine. It's not enough for households to beat the indoor heat; they also need to mitigate the incoming outdoor heat.

This is where window treatments can add protection. Quality panel glide blinds, namely the block-out variants, are ideal for reducing the amount of light and ultraviolet energy that indoor objects can absorb (energy that converts to heat). If you want to enjoy some natural light, settle for translucent variants. Both options also offer adequate privacy and heat protection.

Panel glide blinds are designed as treatments for large windows and glass doors. Its smooth, open-close mechanism allows a large surface area to be covered in just seconds, which is great if you don't want the glare of sunrise blinding you in your sleep. You can buy these blinds online from Australia dealers like Blinds Shop Online.

(Source: "Australian households pay different amounts to access national electricity network," The Sydney Morning Herald, February 10, 2015)