We’re Opening Our Windows So Our Customers Can Get to Know Us Better

A lot of Aussies take pride in their impressive do-it-yourself skills and are able to put together home improvement projects with amazing results. For instance, if they want to give their windows a new look, they can simply visualise and select the window treatments or coverings that would work best—products they can order from us here at Blinds Shop Online.

We deliver window treatments manufactured according to your exact specifications. The ability to customise, after all, is essential in any home improvement project. Here are a few other things about our company that should help you get to know us better:

We’ve been a part of the industry since the 1970s.

Yes, we have been around for four decades. All of the years we’ve spent in this industry have allowed us to achieve unsurpassed excellence when it comes to the design and manufacture of stylish and functional window treatments of the best quality. We are more than grateful to have lasted this long and foresee many more years in our future. Now that’s the kind of confidence not all of our competitors can lay claim to.

We partner with leading manufacturers so we can deliver customised products of the highest quality.

Selecting the right home furnishings can sometimes be a complicated task. You need to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and function, and consider costs, measurements, materials, colours, fabrics, patterns, and so on. With all the work that you need to put into this task, you certainly deserve a top-quality finished product that embodies exactly what you have envisioned. To this end, we throw in a five-year warranty on our products.

We think big.

As the whole world knows, our nation has caught the home improvement bug. Why limit ourselves to just one geographic area when we can serve all of Australia? Our head office/distribution centre, located at Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is fully equipped to cater to clients nationwide.

We hope that what we’ve shared today has helped you get to know us better. If you wish to know more, call us at 1300-856931 or e-mail us at [email protected].