Four Ways to Learn about Company Updates and Our Upcoming Promotions

After a tough week at work left you bushwhacked, you might want to simply unwind at home over the weekend. Yet if the atmosphere in your home leaves much to be desired, relaxation is probably the last thing you can expect. For instance, if the drapes or curtains currently in place do a poor job of blocking out excessive glare or intrusions from passers-by, it would be a bit harder to enjoy some quiet time indeed.

If you’ve ever thought about changing all your window treatments, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here at Blinds Shop Online, we give you a wide selection of custom and Australian made blinds that can help turn your home into a veritable sanctuary. Simply browse through our product range, pick and customise one according to your specifications, and enter your order details.

Want to know more about our company and upcoming promos? Here are four ways how to get the information you need.


We’ve got a pretty straightforward website. Mouse over to the left tab, where you’ll find links to each product category as well as various sections of our site. We’ve also added tips on how to measure your blinds correctly so we can manufacture them with utmost precision. Additionally, you can take a look at the pertinent delivery rates for your area in the Shipping and Delivery section.


We recently launched a Google Plus page to offer our customers a great way to get in touch with us and follow our every update. Expect to see photos and videos of our past and on-going projects soon.

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This page is always a work in progress. We will be sharing tips and advice on interior design trends. We hope that our future posts will inspire your upcoming home renovation project.